Solve daily pre-screening and onsite workplace COVID-19 safety and compliance challenges!

Employees complete a risk assessment before leaving for work. If they pass the assessment, the system sends them an access pass, employers may conduct and record temperature checks into the system. HealthScan works with both an APP and or web-link the functionality is directly linked to an employee record, full data workflow, notifications and reporting!


The system comprises a number of modules:

1.  Employee Pre-Screen Module A

2. Employee On-Site Screen Module B

3. Visitor Screen Module C

4. Admin Console

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What are the key benefits of HealthScan?

Provides pre-screening to reduce onsite health assessments which saves time, cost and resources. Provides real-time data and reporting for health compliance and audit. Easy setup and deployment, no expensive equipment required. Dashboards, reporting and data analytics.

Realtime Workflow And Reporting

The first step is for the employer to register for the service, visit the subscribe page once your payment has been processed you will be sent further instructions on the activation process.

How much does HealthScan cost?

HealthScan is a monthly recurring subscription and is both module and tier-based on the number of employees and users, HealthScan is extremely cost-effective and packed with benefits!

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Do I need to buy a infra-red thermometer?

Yes, HealthScan is only used to record the reading, so you will require an infra-red thermometer to take the actual reading. These are becoming more readily available but you are welcome to purchase with us through our reseller.

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Access Control

HealthScan requires all users to be pre-registered, note employees who did fail the self-assessment receive a red notice to not come to work, and internal HR are notified.

Realtime Workflow And Reporting

HealthScan provides realtime reporting on all health related data collected, we use simple and standard dashboards and widgets to show all your data analytics, workflows are standardised for all email notifications, daily, weekly reports.​

How do employees or visitors use HealthScan?

HealthScan will send a daily link to all employees by email or SMS to each employee at a specified time. For visitors we can provide a link/button that can be put onto the company’s website whereby visitors can pre-register, either as a day visitor or contractor.  

Do we need to buy a scanner?

No, HealthScan works on any camera-enabled phone or tablet, the employer screening team use a unique link to conduct the onsite health screening with the employees, no need to buy expensive equipment!

How does the barcode work?

The barcode is linked to the employee/visitor profile and will be active on all valid permits, the barcode is scanned by the onsite team for recording all temperature checks.

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Do you offer any solutions for SMMEs?

For SMMEs we recommend ClickScan (our sister product) which offers a quick compliance solution at low cost. (no pre-screening) For more information visit 

Capture Data From Infrared Thermometer

HealthScan tool is accessible on any camera-enabled Apple and Android devices, we will be shortly publishing a test page that will allow you to verify your device works before using in the live format.